The train started, and they began their first and last journey of their lives. Mulati arranged for his wife, and he sat on the floor of the corridor outside. He can't go to her carriage because his wife needs his care. But at night, when checking the tickets, because he is not the ticket steward of the soft sleeper car, he asked him to go back to his car. Mulati said his wife's situation and begged, and the steward agreed to let him stay here. Mulati dozed off on the ground after a day's tiredness, but how could he sleep steadily when sitting on the ground? His head has been like a chicken pecking at rice, sleeping and waking up. Gulinaer wakes up her confused husband and says that her soft bed is too hard to sleep. "How could it be?" mulati said "If you don't believe me, come up and try!" Mulati went to his wife's bedroom in disbelief. At this time, his wife suddenly hugged his waist, which made him understand what his wife meant. "Sleep with me here, I'm not alone!" Mulati didn't refuse his wife's kindness. That night was the most delicious one he had slept all these years. On the morning of the third day, they finally arrived at Qingdao, a beautiful city. When they got to the railway station, they smelled a smell, a salty cool smell. Out of the railway station they went to the hotel, but in the end they went back to the railway station. Because the hotels here are too expensive. It's hundreds a night. That's enough for her dialysis. They decided to stop at the train for two days and go back after watching the sea.